Learn the Risks and Benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance

Is LTC insurance a good investment? Long-term care (LTC) for the elderly can quickly deplete a lifetime’s savings. Unfortunately, Medicare pays very little for long-term care, and Medicaid typically requires very few assets and income to qualify. Long-term care insurance can offer an additional option in a landscape of limited options if you’re looking for … Read more

Learn Why You Need a Boat Insurance and Why It’s Worth It

A substantial investment in a boat warrants similarly strong insurance coverage. Aside from potential damage to your boat, the possibility of a substantial liability claim against you following a boating accident exists. In these litigious times, anyone who appears to have assets could be a good target for a lawsuit that could deplete your resources. … Read more

Learn How to Get Health Insurance When Leaving the Military

There is a lot to think about for yourself and your family as you prepare to leave the military. The most important of these is health insurance. It’s an abrupt shift for many exiting service members. That’s because health care is free under TRICARE, the military’s health insurance program for active-duty personnel and their families. … Read more

Apprenez à Retirer de L’argent De Votre Police D’assurance-vie

Lorsque vous avez désespérément besoin d’argent pendant une crise, votre police d’assurance-vie peut même ne pas vous venir à l’esprit. Vous l’avez acheté pour subvenir aux besoins de votre famille après votre départ, mais vous êtes toujours là et devez payer vos factures. Une police d’assurance-vie permanente, comme l’assurance-vie entière, peut offrir les fonds d’urgence … Read more

Learn How to Compare Medicare Replacement Plans

Private insurers provide Medicare Advantage Plans as an alternative to Original Medicare. Here’s how to go shopping. You’ve probably heard of Medicare Advantage plans, but do you know how to shop for one (or how they fit into the Medicare world)? Medicare Advantage plans are a packaged option to Original Medicare, which includes Medicare Part … Read more

Learn About Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that produces blocked airflow from the lungs. Breathing difficulties, coughing, mucus (sputum) production, and wheezing are symptoms. Long-term exposure to irritating gases or particulate matter, most commonly cigarette smoke, is the most common cause. COPD patients are more likely to develop heart disease, lung cancer, and a range … Read more

Learn What You Need to Know About Burial Insurance

Several programs are being sold to people who want to make sure they’ve tied up their financial loose ends before leaving this world, whether it has a soft name like “last expense insurance” or “senior life insurance” or is plainly labeled “funeral insurance” or “burial insurance.” Beyond the marketing, burial insurance is simply a type … Read more