Learn How to Get the Best Price on Car Insurance

Learn how discounts work.

Your insurance rate is computed before any discounts are applied. First, your starting rate is determined by characteristics like your age, gender, automobile make and model, driving history, and area. Then, after your agent has determined your base rate, any surcharges for traffic offenses such as accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs are applied. Your discount is then applied.


Inquire about discounts.

You don’t have to wait until your policy is up for renewal to check if you qualify for a discount. First, examine your company’s website or make use of our car insurance discount calculator. Once you’ve determined whatever savings are available to you, ask your agent if you qualify. Some discounts are applied automatically, but not all.

Always confirm by phone.

When shopping for vehicle insurance, always speak with a professional to confirm available discounts, as terms can change over time.

Consider the total premium cost, not just the discounts.

Although discounts can help you save money on vehicle insurance, consider the total cost, not simply the amount of reductions you obtain, which should be considered. For example, a firm that provides no discounts may end up providing a cheaper premium than another insurer that charges a higher premium but provides 20 discounts. To optimize your savings, consider discounts when shopping around and speak with your insurance representative.


Look around.

Shop around for vehicle insurance quotes at least once a year to discover the best pricing and company for you. Comparing premiums from three or more firms will assist you in locating the lowest premium.