Learn About Health Insurance Options for Veterans

VA Health Benefits:

If you are medically retired from active duty, you may be eligible for Veterans Administration care for any service-connected ailments. You may also be eligible for all additional medical coverage through TRICARE. In addition, your family members may be eligible for TRICARE health care coverage.


To learn more, call your local Veterans Administration medical center and speak with a benefits counselor who can explain what your military and VA medical board ratings signify and how they affect your possibilities.

TRICARE beneficiaries have access to additional coverage.

A few organizations, such as the Military Benefit Association (MBA), specialize in assisting service members in supplementing their military benefits. MBA is a non-profit organization that works to protect the financial well-being of current and past service members, federal employees, and their families. In general, there are two types of coverage available to enhance your Department of Defense health insurance.

TRICARE supplement plans:

Active duty employees who are required to enroll in a Prime plan often have no out-of-pocket health care payments.

However, beneficiaries of all other plans (even Prime when the point-of-service option is selected) may incur a variety of out-of-pocket expenses.


These could include:

• Annual deductibles: A sum you or your family must pay out of cash before the plan will cover services.

• Cost-sharing: A percentage of the standard rate charged by the provider for covered services.

• Copayments: A set amount you pay for covered services.

• Fees for enrollment: This is comparable to the monthly or annual premium for a civilian plan.

MBA offers TRICARE Supplement insurance plans starting at less than $12 per month. This coverage can help beneficiaries reduce, or in many cases eliminate, copays and cost-shares for services, treatments, prescriptions, and even certain Select excess charges.

Indemnity Insurance for Hospitals:

Depending on the TRICARE plan and sponsor status, there may be a number of out-of-pocket costs and other fees associated with an unexpected hospital stay, such as transportation and other childcare arrangements.

MBA hospital indemnity insurance can provide a daily cash reimbursement in the event of an unanticipated hospital stay for a covered illness or injury, even for Medicare retirees. The benefit amount can be utilized for deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, or any other purpose; no expense receipts are required, and no paperwork is required.

Dental benefits: 

TRICARE Prime and Select do not include dental coverage, but beneficiaries can enroll in a dental plan independently.