Learn About Health Insurance Options for Veterans

National Guard/Reserve members and their dependents are covered.

TRICARE health insurance benefits are provided to reserve component and dependent family members identified in DEERS. The specific military health plan options accessible, on the other hand, are determined by the sponsor’s service status, which might change numerous times throughout their careers.


TRICARE Prime and Select Active Duty Reserves

When a Reserves member is activated for 30 days or longer, he or she and their family become eligible for the Prime and Select plans.

TRICARE Reserve Select: Selected Reserve

These are members of a US Military Ready Reserve unit who are enrolled in the Ready Reserve program and assigned to a reserve unit. They are also known as SELRES or SR. Members with active status in the Reserves and their families are eligible to enroll in TRICARE Reserve Select or TRS, a PPO-style premium-based plan. It is available all over the world and allows you to see TRICARE-authorized clinicians without a referral.

There are copays, cost-shares, and deductibles, but the premium is substantially lower than that of a comparable civilian plan.

Under 60-year-old retired National Guard/Reserves: Tricare Retired Reserve

Retired reserve members and their families are eligible for TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage (TRR). This PPO-style plan, like TRICARE Reserve Select, is available worldwide and allows you to see any TRICARE-authorized physician without a reference.


However, the copays, cost-shares, and deductibles are slightly greater than TRS, and the monthly premiums are much higher (but still potentially lower than a comparable civilian plan). This coverage expires the day you reach the age of 60; you will then be eligible for TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select (see retired benefits section below).

Coverage for retired service members and their dependents

Retirement from the military is a QLE (Qualifying Life Event) that causes a change in TRICARE benefits, including disenrolled from TRICARE Prime. You are, however, still eligible for TRICARE benefits to fulfill your medical needs:

• Provided you do not enroll in one of the TRICARE plans accessible to you within 90 days of your military retirement, you may request a retroactive enrollment if you do so within 12 months of your retirement.

• You will lose all TRICARE coverage if you do not enroll. If the room is available, you will be able to receive treatment at military hospitals and clinics.

Retirees and their dependents can choose from a variety of plans based on their age, location, the preferred method of obtaining treatment (managed care or not), and whether or not they have Medicare. Choose one of the following sites to learn more about how to re-enroll in one of the plans accessible to you and your family:

• TRICARE Premier (in areas in the US where TRICARE Prime is offered)

• TRICARE Preferred

• Family Health Plan in the United States (in specific US locations)

• Lifetime TRICARE (with Medicare Part A & B coverage)

• TRICARE Select Overseas