Learn 8 Air Travel Tips and Tricks for Seniors

7. Bring mobility equipment if necessary.

Most airlines will allow you to bring free canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and even electric scooters. If you cannot walk to your seat, you can transition from a wheelchair into a particular aisle chair that fits down the aircraft’s aisle.


You can carry your gadget into the cabin and keep it in an overhead bin, under the seat in front of you, or in a separate storage place, depending on its size. If it doesn’t fit in any of these spots, the airline will check it as cargo for free.

Unless you want to pick it up at baggage claim, the gadget will be carried to the airplane door for you when you arrive at your destination.

8. Purchase practical and long-lasting travel equipment.

Having equipment that can safely, conveniently, and durably hold your items will make your vacation go more smoothly.

  • A safe and simple passport holder or travel bag for keeping important possessions, such as ID, credit cards, and cash, close at hand. One that may be worn around the neck may be very useful for forgetful people.
  • Durable, lightweight luggage is simple to recognize, pull, and carry.
  • A suitcase marker to assist distinguish your bag from everyone else’s and make picking up your items from luggage carousels easier and faster.
  • A waterproof toiletry bag to protect your other possessions if something containing liquid/gel/cream breaks or opens during transit.
  • Durable luggage tags to identify your checked bags if the airline tags fall off, as well as to identify your carry-on bag if it gets misplaced or needs to be stowed after you board the plane.
  • A travel pillow and blanket can make the journey much more comfortable. Planes may be frigid, and sleeping in them can be difficult. As a result, a little pillow and blanket can make the journey more peaceful and enjoyable.