Learn 8 Air Travel Tips and Tricks for Seniors

6. Request expedited boarding.

Getting among the first to board a plane allows you to settle into your seat sooner and avoid being hustled around in a long line. It also increases your chances of finding space for your luggage in the overhead compartment. In certain circumstances, boarding earlier means getting a better seat.


Depending on the airline, here are ways you can try to make sure you get to your seat early:


Preboarding allows older persons with difficulties to board the plane. To avoid long lineups, purchase Priority Boarding, which allows you to board ahead of other economic travelers. However, if you purchase a Basic Economy rate, you will not be able to buy Priority Boarding (i.e., the cheapest one).


If you require assistance due to a mobility issue or any form of disability, you can request to be placed in the preboarding group. American categorizes its regular boarding into nine distinct groups. Customers in first class, business class, and elite status board first. You can, however, pay for Priority boarding, which places you in group four. Priority is not offered to travelers on Basic Economy tickets, as it is on United.


Seniors who require extra time or assistance boarding on Delta can take their seats during preboarding. Alternatively, you can pay $15 for each flight to reserve a seat in the Main Cabin 1 group. Main Cabin 1 travelers board after families with small children, upper-level elite passengers, and Delta-branded credit card holders, but before the majority of economy passengers.



Passengers with disabilities may preboard the plane. You can also pay for an Even More Space seat, which provides a few inches of extra legroom and allows you to preboard. You can also use unique security screening lines in selected airports with Even More Space.


In some situations, seniors can board Southwest flights early. For example, if you require a specific type of seat owing to a disability or require assistance during boarding, you may board the plane during the preboarding process. If you need some extra time to settle in, you will be allowed to board between the A and B groups.

You can also pay for Early Bird Check-In, which will book a boarding spot for you 36 hours before departure. While you are not required to check in yourself with Early Bird Check-In, you can obtain your boarding pass online at least 24 hours before your trip, choosing “check-in,” and printing your pass.

It is unnecessary to do this at a specific time because your position in the queue will already be assigned. Checking in early does not assure A group boarding. However, it increases your chances of getting a better boarding position. Some people believe that Early Bird Check-In is worthwhile if you have strong preferences for your seat and don’t want to fret about checking in precisely 24 hours before your departure.