Learn 7 Factors to Consider When Buying an All-Purpose Cleaner

If you are looking for new cleaning products for your home, you need to understand your possibilities first. So here are some things to think about while shopping for an all-purpose cleaner.


There are various factors to consider while seeking a superior all-purpose cleaner. After all, not all cleaners are EPA-certified to destroy germs or be ecologically friendly.

Before you select any cleaner off the shelf at the grocery store, stay reading to learn about seven considerations to consider before walking to the checkout line.

Is An EPA Label Available?

The bright graphics and wording on everything in the grocery store’s cleaning aisle can easily blind you. However, when inspecting the all-purpose cleansers, take your time. Small labels or statements will reveal how effective the product is and whether it is safer cleaning products available.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not give its blessing to everything. Look for this label on the bottom of your all-purpose cleaning product, which indicates that the product lives up to its claims. You want to get a cleaner that truly cleans, don’t you?


There is also a Safer Choice label, which indicates whether a product passes certain requirements for safer ingredients. For example, the EPA labs look for dangerous substances such as carcinogens or chemicals used in fragrances. This label will appear on a product that meets the EPA’s guidelines.

Is the list of ingredients safe?

This is where all-natural or plant-based cleaning products shine. However, carcinogens and poisonous chemicals can be a deal-breaker if you want to make greener shopping choices.

Don’t fall for gimmicky labels, either. Words like “natural” and earthy color schemes can lead you to believe that the cleaner is safe for the environment or made from plants. But this is just a marketing ploy; the products may not be as environmentally friendly as you think!

Spend an extra thirty seconds scanning the ingredients label, just as you would for a food box. The majority of plant-based products will list safe ingredients on their labels.

Check the acidity of the products as well. You’ll want a product that stays in the neutral range on the pH scale, which is approximately 7, especially if you have sensitive skin. Anything lower may irritate your skin or cause a burning feeling due to the higher acidity.

Is this cleaner safe to use around pets and children?

This is crucial if you have pets or frequently have pet visitors to your home. Your cleaning product should be non-toxic, and many will state on the label that it is safe for pets.

When you’re not using this cleaner – or any cleaner – keep it in a closed cabinet out of reach of pets and small children. Some cleaner containers’ vivid colors may attract curious children. Also, the novelty of a shiny new product to chew on may entice your pets.

What is the price of this all-purpose cleaner?

Everyone has a financial limit for how much they are willing to spend on specific items. So how important are cleaning goods to you?

Some areas are as low as $2, while others might cost as much as $10 or more. According to studies, the average American family can spend around $50 per month on cleaning materials.

Because you want to get the most bang for your buck, taking the time to examine your options is critical. All of the other criteria on this list, particularly the components and brand reputation, can impact the price.

Consider your values. If obtaining an environmentally friendly or EPA-certified product is your first concern, affordability may not be as important.