Your Options for Wireless Security Systems

Is Wireless Security Reliable?

The media has put a spotlight on vulnerabilities of home security systems in recent years, like this report from ABC News on how easy it is to interfere with ADT’s wireless signal. While technically it is possible to hack a home security system with the right knowledge, planning, and tools, most burglaries aren’t this sophisticated. As CNET points out, such a breach would require premeditation and extensive knowledge of your particular system, which is highly unlikely in most property crime scenarios.


What is plausible is that a criminal could cut your phone line, which is what makes cellular monitoring – or at least cellular backup – such a wise choice.

When it comes to self-monitored systems, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

Power outages – if you’re relying on your internet connection to keep your security system up and running, you’ll want to choose equipment with battery backup. If your internet goes down due to a power outage, your protection could be interrupted.

Administrative security – by nature, an Internet-enabled security system is a part of the IoT (Internet of Things). This means that security concerns go beyond simply ensuring that you’ll be notified when someone breaks into your house. Hewlett-Packard studied IoT security systems and found a number of vulnerabilities, including the fact that none out of the 10 systems they looked at required strong password authentication.


Why do factors like password strength matter? Wireless security systems typically allow control via a website or mobile app. If a thief gets into your account, they could disarm your system without your knowledge, or even access your entire home automation setup. So, in addition to being sure, your equipment does what it’s supposed to, you need to pay attention to software security issues as well.

Do You Need a Wireless Home Security Camera?

When it comes to security cameras, the term wireless is most often used to refer to devices with WiFi capability. Most of the top systems, whether professionally installed or DIY, offer cameras as an optional component.

You might think that door and window sensors and a loud alarm siren are enough protection. This may be true, but a wireless security camera offers another layer of protection, and can even help you get a faster police response because you can verify that a crime is happening via video on a mobile app. It also allows you to monitor your kids, the babysitter, and your pets while you’re away from home.