Your Options for Wireless Security Systems

Cellular Security Systems

You have a few options when it comes to taking advantage of cellular technology in security systems. Some companies provide exclusively cellular monitoring, without the need for a phone line. This includes:

  1. Vivint
  2. Frontpoint
  3. SimpliSafe (this company also offers a self-monitoring option)

You can also choose a hardwired or DIY wireless security system with cellular backup in case the phone line or the internet is cut or goes down:

  1. ADT – two top-tier packages include cellular backup
  2. Protect America – cellular monitoring is optional and costs more than traditional
  3. Iris by Lowe’s – self-installed smart security system with optional cellular backup

A few companies offer broadband monitoring as well, although experts generally recommend hardwired or cellular monitoring over broadband because they’re more reliable.

Internet-Based Security Systems

As I mentioned earlier, wireless systems which operate through your internet connection are usually those with you install yourself. If you choose an MIY (monitor it yourself) wireless security system, you’ll have a wide range of options from one single unit all the way up to extensive, expandable setups with as many components as you wish. Some options include:

  1. Systems with minimal equipment, like Piper or Canary: these devices are touted as an all-in-one wireless security solutions, with built-in audio, video, motion detector, and siren. The device sends you an alert if it detects an intrusion.
  2. Wireless security systems with optional professional monitoring: SimpliSafe and Iris both offer a variety of components like door and window sensors and cameras, and give you the choice of self-monitoring or paying a modest fee for professional monitoring.
  3. Smart home security systems: SmartThings by Samsung is one of the most popular in this segment due to its ability to connect with a multitude of devices like smart door locks and thermostats.

With self-monitored systems, keep in mind that you will be responsible for notifying law enforcement if you receive an alert from your system.