Learn the 7 Reasons Why Cyber Certifications Are Worth It

Many people wonder if cybersecurity certifications are worth the time and money they cost. They are!


Several arguments can be made against certifications, especially given a large number of certifications available today and the fact that many have risen and fallen in popularity over time. Nonetheless, they remain an appealing option for an entry-level cybersecurity professional or a career changer looking to enter the field. Is it worthwhile to pursue cybersecurity certifications? If you use cybersecurity certifications to supplement other qualifications on your resume, they are well worth the effort. Employers will assume that your knowledge is not based on experience if you only have certifications on your resume.

To put it another way, certifications are worthwhile, but they aren’t the only thing that will demand your time and attention as you pursue a cybersecurity career.

The following are seven reasons to obtain a cyber certification:

Unfortunately, many people who are new to cybersecurity believe that certifications are solely to earn money. While this is true in some cases, certifications can also provide several other benefits to your career.


Reason #1: Certifications can help you stand out

Certifications can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to competing for the same job. I’ve seen a few instances where a candidate with a certification or multiple certifications beat out a similarly qualified but non-certified candidate solely based on the certification. In these cases, the certification was the deciding factor for the employer. I always advise college students to get certification because it gives them a competitive advantage over other college graduates.

Reason #2: Certifications demonstrate achievement and perseverance

Everyone knows that earning a certification takes time and effort, so having one demonstrates your dedication to your profession and knowledge base. This is especially true as you begin your career and have fewer resources to rely on or discuss with potential employers. Having a certification demonstrates that you are dedicated to your chosen field.