Learn What to Know Before Hiring Movers

You may get confused about where you even start to hire movers as there are many moving companies choose from.


Determine the Type of Mover You Need to Hire

Before you begin looking for a reputable mover, make sure you know what kind of relocation you’ll be making. The type of move will determine the type of moving company you should select. For example, you can begin by comprehending the distinction between an interstate and intrastate relocation, as well as determining how far you’ll be moving—all of which will limit the type of mover you’ll require.

  • What exactly is an interstate mover?
  • What exactly is an intrastate mover?
  • What you should know about long-distance moving

Conduct your research

It’s a good idea to investigate at least 10 movers, grasp the warning signals of a rogue moving firm, and know exactly what the moving company will include in your relocation. Will you, for example, bring your own belongings? What type of estimate is best for your move?

  • Begin by conducting online research.
  • Recognize the warning indications of a rogue mover.
  • How do you want your move to go? 

Ask the Right Questions

I usually conduct a phone interview with each mover before scheduling an appointment to inspect my household items. In this manner, you can reduce your options to the top three and save time and effort.

  • What questions should you ask the mover over the phone?
  • When moving within the boundaries of a state
  • When migrating from one state to another