Learn Which Computer Science Career Is Right for You

Almost every employee in every firm and industry is dependent on computer technology in some way. We rely on digital tools in everyday life for crucial (and mundane) tasks ranging from checking our bank balance on a morning walk to ordering lunch at a kiosk.


As technology advances, there is an increasing demand for people who can maintain servers, systems, and software. If you are one of the many people who are interested in this expanding subject, you may be wondering, “Which computer science career is best for me?” It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many options. Once you’ve decided which fields of computer science interest you the most, you can prepare for that profession by obtaining the top computer science degree that meets your requirements.

Let’s look at some of your job alternatives.

A Popular Career

Before we go into particular career and function descriptions, we should emphasize how in demand this interesting field is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States Department of Labor, the demand for computer and information technology (IT) vocations is expected to expand by 13% over the next decade. This is faster than the average growth rate across all occupations, which is around 7%. Furthermore, several of the BLS-defined computer science-related occupations are anticipated to develop “faster” or “far faster” than the average career, implying that you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Dr. S. R. Subramanya, a computer science professor at National University, has been in the area long enough to witness the evolution of the sector. Today, he claims that a greater emphasis on cloud computing, mobile devices, and cyberthreats has contributed to this surge. This progress has also resulted in new possibilities.


“User interface design, user experience design, mobile application development – these positions didn’t exist 10 years ago and are now in high demand,” he says. “Security has also become a highly crucial issue in the field, thus cybersecurity analysts are in high demand.”

The BLS backs up that claim: Security is one of the fastest expanding sectors of computer technology professions.