Learn The 5 Best ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Sites Around

If you want to return items, you have to contact the merchant first then get a refunded amount. However, do not get refunded any interest paid. 


One major benefit of using Afterpay over other BNPL providers is that it doesn’t affect your credit score at all. This is because Afterpay doesn’t check your credit score, and it doesn’t report any loan information to the credit bureaus.


Interest: 0%| Loan terms: pay in 4 or Pay in 30 days| Late Fee: $7| Loan amounts: $2,000. 

Klarna is suitable for those people who want a flexible payment plan. Unlike its competitors, Klarna gives two options to pay Typical BNPL 4 installments or one payment after 30 days. Thus, it avoids a lot of notifications and chances of missing a payment. Another advantage of using Klarna is that you don’t need to sign up to use its services. Just fill out credit or debit card info, and you are ready for Klarna services. 

When you miss a payment, a $7 late fee incurs. But the good news, it does not affect your credit score. No hidden charges or surprise fees are the biggest perks of Klarna. Even maintaining an account with Klarna is free. 


When you open an account, you might be restricted from using the loan amount. The restriction will be lifted when you regularly use purchases with Klarna. You can purchase big-ticket items and split the loan period up to 36 months but, then you need to pay 19.99% interest. 


Interest: 0%| Loan terms: 6 Weeks| Late Fee: $7 | Loan amounts: $35- $1,500

Zip (formerly known as QuadPay) is the best BNPL option for those who want short-term financing but don’t want to affect their credit score. Zip is linked with over 51,000 sellers globally, including Target, North Face, and Wrangler. The great thing about the Zip __ it is the easiest application to use. 

When you use the Zip app or browser extension, you receive a virtual card with your credit amount that you can use in-store or online. It means you can pay for dinner or purchase any item like electronics, groceries or clothing, etc. 

One thing different about the Zip app is that it charges you a transaction fee of $1 per pay. So when you pay four installments, you have to pay $4 in total for four transactions. 

If you are late in a payment, you have to give a $7 late fee. However, you can contact the company and ask to extend the payment period. Zip is flexible and cooperates with you in avoiding the late fee. The users of zipping are highly satisfied with the transparency and seamless services. 


Interest: 0%| Loan terms: 6 weeks| Late Fee: $10| Loan amounts: $2500 per order

Sezzle is best for those people who want short-term financing up to $2500 with zero interest rate, no reporting to credit bureaus, and flexible payment options. It is also good for those people who want long-term financing up to $40,000, but you need to pay interest on it. 

Sezzle does not charge a late fee typically. But in case you don’t have sufficient funds in your debit card, bank account, and your credit card expires, then Sezzle charges a $10 late fee. 

You can finance short-term 6 weeks up to $2500 in a four-installment plan without any interest. However, with Sezzle +, you can buy value up to $40,000 with a loan length of up to 60 months. 

Bottom Line

You can easily narrow down your favorite app by knowing the nature of your credit history, your spending habit and spending limit, how quickly you pay installments, and your preferred store or purchase items.