Learn How to Chose the Best Online Bachelors Degree

  • Online bachelor’s in accounting costs $13k to $20k. The average salary per year is $34k to $93k. Most of the accountants hold an online bachelor’s degree but you can pursue a master’s degree in accountancy to get better job opportunities.
  • Online bachelor’s degree in business management costs $13k to $19k that allows you to have a successful career in finance, sales, and human resources. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field has an 8% growth rate for jobs. The average salary is $41k to $95k per year. 
  • Online bachelor’s degree in computer programing costs $12k to $19k and its earning potential is up to $104k. 
  • Bachelor’s in engineering costs $12k to $17k and the average salary of an engineer is $42k to $119k annually.
  • Health care administration costs $9k to $16k and the average salary of a healthcare administrator is $28k to $73k per year. 
  • Online bachelor’s degree in graphic designing costs $19k to $28k. The average salary of a graphic designer is $50k annually.

After comparing different degrees, select one or more online bachelor’s degree programs and compare online institutes that offer your desired programs. Select those institutes to pursue your degree that can serve you better than others. You can talk to administrators and program directors to find the right information. Ask some questions to make the best decision. You should be sure about the investment you are about to make for your future. Properly check the websites of respective colleges and degrees. Read full information before apply.

  1. Check the accreditation status and financial aid options

After shortlisting your interests, selecting majors, and comparing online bachelor’s degrees, check the accreditation status of online educational institutes and degrees. Accreditation is a quality check for colleges, universities, and degrees. Accrediting agencies make sure that educational institutes and degrees meet the set quality standards. Accreditation of a degree is important to work in the career field. Accreditation of degree program is called programmatic accreditation and that of an educational institute is known as institutional accreditation which can be national or regional. You can transfer credits from one online accredited degree program to the other. Quality of education will not be compromised while transferring credits. The core curriculum and course contents of both accredited degree programs will be reliable. Degree accreditation is important to increase the rate of employability. The right choice of online accredited degree is important for your career growth. Employers in professional fields prefer graduates with accredited degrees to those with unaccredited degrees. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics graduates with accredited degrees earn more than those with unaccredited degrees.