Learn 28 Types of Lawyers: The Options and the Practice

15. Social Security Disability Lawyer

Even in the best of circumstances, navigating the social security disability system may be difficult. Fortunately, disability law is one of the most altruistic legal specialties, and these attorneys help clients navigate the compensation and assistance system by assuring their customers are eligible for aid, appealing if benefits are refused, or resolving benefit termination or reduction cases.


16. Government Lawyer

Government lawyers work for a branch of the United States government, whether local, county, state, or federal. They usually concentrate on the legal issues of the governing realm of the agency for which they operate. A government lawyer may work on cases involving wrongful death, harassment, taxation, tort law, eminent domain, and a variety of other issues.

17. Military Lawyer

A military lawyer (also known as a Judge Advocate General (JAG)) is a type of general practice lawyer that can defend military people in both criminal and civil disputes.

They are concerned with the military, civilian, and even international law. They also prepare their clients for trial, produce documents, update military handbooks, and handle technical writing for those handbooks.

18. Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

Mergers and acquisitions lawyers are corporate or commercial lawyers that specialize in acting as counsel during acquisitions. Buying and selling major corporations necessitates a thorough understanding of securities, tax, and finance regulations.


These lawyers and what they do are highly specialized, but they must also be knowledgeable about a variety of legal subjects and business procedures. The most crucial role of such lawyers is to draft agreements. Contracts between two firms must include all relevant conditions such as non-compete, employee, and confidentiality.

19. Environmental Lawyer

As the necessity for preservation activities grows as a result of global warming, a rising number of lawyers are focusing on environmental law. These legal professionals have extensive knowledge of Environmental Protection Agency principles and policies.

While these are not the highest-paid types of lawyers, most professionals in the industry appreciate helping to save the globe. These lawyers work with a variety of government institutions, citizens, and corporations to help them avoid further environmental damage through their actions or to seek justice for past harm.

20. Real Estate Attorney or Property Lawyer

Real estate lawyers frequently represent agents, homeowners, and purchasers as clients. Because of their extensive expertise, these lawyers can help you acquire a home or advise building companies on numerous zoning restrictions. They also manage evictions and foreclosures, representing both renters and landlords. Real estate lawyers must be skilled negotiators since they frequently act as middlemen in real estate transactions and disputes.

21. Toxic Tort Lawyer

Toxic tort lawyers are one of the most specialized kinds of lawyers. They specialize in personal injury claims and settlements involving poisonous and dangerous products.

Toxic medications, chemicals, products, or environmental factors can all lead to major health problems; the most prevalent toxic tort cases include asbestos exposure or class-action lawsuits against pharmaceutical firms. To represent their clients in court, lawyers in this sector must pass the bar exam.