Learn 17 Reasons Your Weight Loss Attempts Aren’t Working

“No matter what, I can’t lose weight!” Does this sound familiar? You are doing everything correctly, yet your diet is not working. Even though you’re not eating much, you’re still gaining weight.


Is it entirely your fault? Are you doing something incorrectly? Did you select the incorrect diet? Is it your destiny to be overweight? All of those queries are most likely answered in the negative.

The secret to weight loss success is establishing the correct energy balance for your specific needs, regardless of whatever diet you’re on, whose weight loss guru you follow, or which workout regimen you practice.

While burning more calories than you consume is one piece of the weight loss jigsaw, it’s more complicated than it sounds because many other factors can influence both your energy input (calories taken) and your energy output (calories burned) (calories burned).

17 Reasons That Your Diet Isn’t Working

Many things influence your daily calorie consumption. Any of them could be the reason you are unable to lose weight. It’s possible that the issue is caused by a mix of circumstances. Examine each of the following to see where you can make changes, but consult with a trained dietitian or another healthcare expert to evaluate your specific requirements.



The most obvious reason we eat is to satisfy our hunger. However, it is not always the case. If you find yourself eating too frequently or eating too large meals, you may not be eating enough at each meal or may not be getting the correct combination of nutrients to keep you pleased.

Choose fiber-rich foods and base your meals on protein. In addition, having a source of heart-healthy fat (such as olive oil, almonds, or chia seeds) will help you feel fuller for longer.


When we are bored and seek a diversion, we engage in mindless eating. It’s one of the most prevalent reasons people eat even when they aren’t hungry. So, what’s the answer? Find another distraction (call a friend or go for a walk) or attempt to evaluate whether you are actually hungry vs. eating out of habit or boredom by first making tea or drinking water.