Learn 10 Things to Look for in a Top Travel Nurse Agency

Finding the finest travel nurse firm to work for necessitates some investigation. It also necessitates certain nursing assessment skills and intuition.


When looking for the ideal fit for you, it’s vital to examine not just the actual elements like jobs, benefits, and support services provided by a travel nursing firm, but also factors like the personal connection you develop with a recruiter. Here are 10 Qualities to Look for in a Travel Nursing Agency.

1. The number and variety of travel nursing jobs

The more contracts a travel nursing service has, the more likely it is that you will receive the greatest job placements as a travel nurse. Inquire about the number of contracts that an agency generally has available, as well as the states in which they are accessible. Most businesses should have contracts ranging from 4-26 weeks or more, with 13 weeks being the most typical.

A travel nurse organization should offer a wide range of assignments available at prestigious facilities in a number of specialties. If your specialization is less well-known, speak with a recruiter about the unique opportunities available in your field.

2. Exclusive agreements

Some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and medical institutions will have exclusive staffing contracts with some of the biggest travel nursing organizations. These special assignments allow you to get your foot in the door and obtain crucial nursing experience.


Agencies with managed service agreements with healthcare systems can also give their nurses first dibs on these premium travel nursing jobs.

3. Industry knowledge and longevity

Travel nursing is a competitive industry, and travel nursing firms who have endured the test of time are always excellent choices. A long-standing nurse staffing business provides unrivaled industry knowledge, connections, and competence.

It also says a lot if a recruiting agency’s personnel has been with them for a long time; these experienced recruiters and managers utilize their knowledge and expertise to put nurses in their perfect employment, train new staff, and give exceptional service and support.

Some of the recruiters that work with TravelNursing.com’s staffing partners have over 20 years of experience putting nurses in their perfect travel nursing employment.