Learn How To Get An Education in Beer and Brewing

You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn how to brew beer. We have a plethora of information available to you, including 9 Beer Schools To Get An Education In Beer And Brewing.


It’s incredible how many possibilities there are now for beer education. Everything from online homebrewing classes to full weekend immersion-style intensives is available.

Aside from a much superior product (yes, I said it), I believe craft beer is growing in popularity due to the surrounding education in the form of beer dinners, tastings, festivals, publications, and online resources.

Did you know that the number of breweries in the United States climbed by about 17% last year? We have approximately 5,300 breweries in the United States, which employ over 424,000 people. So there’s no space for slacking with numbers like that if you want to break into the field.

A formal brewing education could be the key to your success.


Whether you enjoy beer, work in the hospitality sector, or are a homebrewer trying to become a pro, there is something for everyone.

Before committing to any particular school, be sure to check out these fantastic mini-courses on how to get started at home:

So, here’s to you, Professional & University-Affiliated Beer Schools Ben.

Institute of Technology Siebel

Siebel is not on any list of brewing schools. However, Dr. John Siebel created the Siebel Institute of Technology in 1872, making it the country’s oldest brewing school.

The 12-week International Diploma in Brewing Technology curriculum, divided into six modules, is their flagship course.

If you don’t want to commit to the entire program, you can join up for certain modules or courses, and some are even available online!

Here are a few courses that have piqued my interest:

Create Your Brewery. Master of Beer Styles in 3 days. Sensory Analysis for Flavor Production took three days. Brewing Microbiology is a one-day course. two weeks

Siebel appeals to me because of its a la carte options. Even if you don’t want to enroll in a complete brewing program, you can supplement your expertise by taking shorter classes here and there. Try some of Siebel’s other choices if you want to go pro but don’t want to complete the rigorous brewing school. The competitiveness in the craft beer sector requires you to hone your talents.

The American Brewers Guild

The American Brewers Guild is identical to Siebel, except it is a distance education program, which means that the courses are offered online (yay! beer school in your underpants!).

It is not entirely online because it includes a one-week internship at a local brewery.

There are two courses available:

Craft Brewer’s Apprenticeship (CBA) – 27 weeks Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering (IBS&E) – 22 weeks

The key distinction is that following week 22; the CBA course includes a 5-week apprenticeship program. So if you want to go into brewing but can’t afford to leave your day job to fly to a school like Siebel, the ABG is a good option.

“The programs are perfectly suited to the professional working brewer or the candidate who is serious about making a career shift to professional brewing,” they claim on their website.