Learn How to Chose the Right Home Air Filter

An air filter is essential for keeping the air in your home clean. In fact, it’s the most crucial item you can buy for your home’s air, and because indoor air may be up to five times more contaminated than outdoor air (and no one likes breathing pollutants), you need a high-quality air filter.


There are numerous types of air filters available for purchase. Given that the average person’s list of interests includes different types of cement and how cardboard is created, it’s not surprising that many people don’t understand what makes a great air filter “quality.”

Fortunately, all you have to do is read this one article to find out the answer to that question. Then you only need to sign up for Second Nature once, and you’ll never have to worry about air filters again.

  • What kind of filter should I buy?
  • What kind of air filter should I buy?
  • What size air filter should I purchase?
  • ‍\s3 Which air filter should I get?

There are just so many methods to make filters. There are three options for residential air filters. You can get a pleated filter, a fiberglass filter, or a washable reusable filter. Each type has downsides, and two of them have advantages, so let’s take a closer look at those.


Pleated filters are named by their filter media, which is the material inside the frame that does the actual filtering. To optimize surface area, the media of a pleated filter is folded like an accordion. Previously constructed of cotton, today’s pleated filters are comprised of synthetic polymers, which allow for effective filtration while minimizing the influence on airflow.


One of the benefits of pleated air filters is their great filtering effectiveness. Pleated high MERV filters are usually always used. Pleated filters catch a substantially higher percentage of large particles and a lot higher percentage of small particles than competing filter types.

Pleated filters require little effort and provide a lot of functionality. All you have to do is remember to replace them, and they’ll keep sucking crud out of your air.


Fiberglass air filters are the most affordable on the market, sometimes costing less than a dollar. They are inexpensive for a reason, and that reason is that they are crap. Yes, fiberglass filters are a waste of time. Fiberglass filters are the least effective option and are only suggested as “prefiltering” devices by the National Air Filtration Association. Simply put, they are lousy at what they do.