Learn Everything You Need to Know about the Blanket Hoodie

If you do not allow your thermostat to go lower than 70 degrees and sleep with two to three blankets, welcome to the club; you are not alone.


All of the people who want hot seats in the car, warm and comfy clothes to wear at home and on the go; jackets and sweatshirts are not meant for you at all. These products do not provide you with the required amount of warmth and balminess that you covet in chilling winter. 

The Comfy Original Blanket Hoodie is a magical creation hybrid of a sweatshirt and a full-time blanket. So naturally, people get skeptical by looking at this oversized blanket with big pockets. Will it be worth the shot? Well, the straight answer is yes. If you need more information to persuade yourself and dig deep into the product, read along, and you will get what you want. One size for all might seem a bit out of the league for such a great product, but the inside Sherpa lines and cozy hug of a cloud will make you fall in love with this product right away. 

What does Comfy really Do?

Comfy original Blanket Hoodie is a holy child of a blanket and a hoodie. People fall in love with the blanket in winter, but they are restricted to staying in bed or on the couch. You cannot take a blanket with you even if you dare move outside the bed and reach the lounge. The blanket is the most wonderful thing that happened to humans, but it has its limitation. On the other hand, the sweatshirts and hoodies are not warm enough to work as a substitute for the blanket. 

The very need for a wearable blanket gave birth to this blanket hoodie. The oversized structure could make you think you will have open space for chilling air to pass through. The inner of the product has Sherpa lining to provide you a soft grip that stays light on your body. The warm hug will stay there for you wherever you go inside or outside the house. Wearing this blanket on the go is a fashion statement all you need is to manage the astonished graze of shivering people. This world’s first wearable blanket will last more than you think. You can carry it with you on camping, going out, living in it inside your house or whatever you please. This blanket hoodie will be there by your side to provide you unwavering warmth and comfort for a long. 


Why choose Comfy?

The people who are using comfy will share hundreds of reasons to choose one for every member of your family. But to name a few, we will start from the softness. This blanket hoodie is soft from the outside and way much softer from the inside. The velvet Sherpa lining allows the product to hug your body to prevent any hole or passage for the cold from entering. The quality material makes it sturdy and long-lasting for years, even for daily use during the entire season. If you want a practical blanket that offers you luxury and comfort, this product might go above the chart of your expectation. 

The blanket hoodie comes with a hood that will protect your head from the winter chill even outside the house. The bigger pockets at the front provide accommodation to your glasses, phone, tablet, and an ample supply of snakes. You won’t have to worry about making trips to the kitchen or refilling the supplies while watching movies, doing work, or camping outside. The oversize blanket is extremely practical; you don’t have to drag it along while walking. Instead, you can cover your feet while sitting to slip into a cozy cocoon of warmth, comfort, and luxury.