Learn 11 Signs Of A Great CrossFit Gym

Customers have many options in this industry because it is so overcrowded. If you are dissatisfied, you can opt to walk away and take your business elsewhere.


Here are eleven characteristics of an excellent CrossFit gym. A good CrossFit gym goes above and beyond simply posting a workout on the board for its members.


Following your initial inquiry, you should have the opportunity to discuss your goals with a coaching staff member. The trainer should ask you several questions before you begin any training. What brings you here? What do you hope to accomplish? How will you know when you’ve accomplished it? The trainer should pay close attention to what you have to say. At this point, any questions or worries should be addressed.

Quality of Movement

How are you moving? The trainer should examine your mobility to see whether you have any flexibility or motor control concerns. You should be questioned about any pain you are experiencing. Progressions and scaling possibilities for various movements and the next steps to attain the full movement should be covered. Are you provided mobility exercises to help you achieve the quality movement?

Program for Newcomers

The days of newcomers being put into a regular class are long gone. That was not only unsafe, but it also demonstrated a disregard for both new customer safety and the quality of service provided to existing clients.


A beginners program should allow you to measure your skill level and solve any restrictions you may have. It bridges the knowledge gap for the novice and demonstrates that your instructors are concerned about your experience. Any new experience can be intimidating, and a beginner’s program demonstrates that the gym understands this and wants you to succeed on your path.

Quality Structured and Diverse Programming CrossFit gyms understand the advantages of disciplined programming with a goal. A strength program does not have to be Smolov or Westside Barbell but should include regular squats, hip hinge, pulling, and pushing.

And there must be a cause for the workout or WOD. Perhaps the workouts should complement the strength, such as box jumps following a back squat. Then inquire whether the duration of the workouts varies throughout the week or if they are all the same. Are all of the sessions done at maximum effort, or is there an emphasis on movement quality?

Skills should be practiced regularly, both as part of a workout and as a distinct component within a session. If the workouts appear to have been put together at the last minute, your next workout should get out of there as soon as possible.

A System for Handling Injury

Injuries occur. The way injuries are handled what distinguishes the good from the bad. Every gym should be part of a larger network of health professionals. This demonstrates trust in what your coaches know and what they don’t know. No CrossFit gym should be a master of all trades. Professionalism is displayed when they send you to a qualified health practitioner for injury care.

It should go without saying that you should quit as soon as possible if you are told to work through the pain. Pain is an indication that something is wrong and that a skilled specialist should evaluate you.

Continual Contact

The coaching staff should keep in touch with you regularly. A great CrossFit gym does not follow the revolving-door business model of conventional Globo-gyms, with long-term contracts and quick turnarounds. Instead, CrossFit is all about developing relationships with its athletes and regularly keeping in touch with them.

Does your trainer recall what you discussed in your last session? Are they invested in your success and want you to succeed, or are the gym’s trainers merely going through the motions?