Learn 10 Secrets to Shopping at the Apple Store

So, you’re closing the window on Windows and taking the Apple plunge. Congratulations. We’ve been aboard the Apple cart since the late-1980s and welcome all newbies.


The simplest way to get started is to place an order on Apple.com for your new iMac, iPad, iPhone, or iWhatever. But Apple products are pricey, so, naturally, you want to try them before you buy.

These days, you have a more comprehensive array of brick-and-mortar stores where you can check out and purchase Apple products, from electronics giant Best Buy to warehouse clubs Costco and BJ’s. Our advice, however, is to go straight to the source: the Apple Store in your local mall, downtown space, or upscale shopping center. Here are ten good reasons why.

Employees Don’t Work on Commission.

Enter an Apple Store, and an iPad-armed employee will usually intercept you. You’ll be asked what brings you to the store, and your first name will be punched into the iPad to await the second intercept of an Apple “specialist.” Though there are many around – you can tell by the sport shirts – you may wait a few minutes for help, as I did on a recent weekday morning. That’s the downside. The upside: Your patience will be rewarded by the arrival of a knowledgeable guide to all things Apple.

The Apple Store hiring process is challenging and the training intense, insiders have told me over the years. As a result, “I don’t know” isn’t an acceptable answer to customer questions. And there are no high-pressure sales. Ask, and they’ll tell you: They aren’t working on commission, so you’re free to walk away without being shamed. Besides, there’s usually another customer waiting to take your place. Trust me: You aren’t going to get that kind of deep knowledge at Best Buy, and there’s no one to tell you anything about Apple products at the warehouse clubs.


They’ll Help With Online Orders.

Configuring, say, a new MacBook Pro laptop online can be daunting. It would be best to make decisions about screen size, processing speed, storage, and even color (we’re fans of Space Gray). But, again, the Apple Store can help.