Learn the Types and Phases of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies that are conducted to test novel medications, already approved drugs, technologies, or other forms of treatment. Many clinical trials investigate novel methods for detecting, diagnosing, or measuring the extent of disease. Some are even looking into ways to prevent diseases from occurring. Human volunteers are still used by researchers to evaluate … Read more

How Psychotherapy Helps People Recover from Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 17 million adult Americans suffer from depression in any given year. Many people are unaware that they have a problem that can be adequately addressed. This fact sheet answers questions about depression and focuses on how psychotherapy can help a depressed individual. What distinguishes depression from occasional … Read more

Learn How to Check Your Credit Score in 4 Easy Ways

The importance of credit cannot be overstated. You will have a simpler (and more financially advantageous) time applying for a home or student loan if you have a good credit score. Employers, insurance, and landlords may also use your credit score to assess you. When you initially get a credit card, you will be given … Read more

Learn 8 Steps to Take Before You Prepare Your Taxes

According to the Internal Revenue Service, about 85 million individuals pay specialists to prepare and file their tax returns (IRS). If you are one of them, it is critical that you arrange your receipts, forms, and other documentation well in advance of tax season. Your preparer may collect information directly from you or request that … Read more

Learn How to Choose the Best Vision Insurance Plan for You

When choosing a health insurance plan, you may want to consider purchasing supplemental vision insurance to cover medical care for your eyes. Because most health insurance policies only cover eye treatment if you have a serious medical condition, acquiring a vision insurance plan to aid with the expense of eye tests and prescription eyeglasses or … Read more

Learn About Health Insurance Options for Veterans

One popular misperception is that one of the benefits of entering the armed forces is lifetime health care. While the military provides outstanding healthcare benefits, they are not always free, and not all veterans have health insurance. TRICARE, the Department of Defense’s health insurance program, provides no-cost health care benefits to current uniformed forces personnel, … Read more

Learn 11 Benefits, Types, and Purposes of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing uses the internet to manage software systems that users can access remotely through any connected device. Cloud computing changes the traditional method of controlling software applications. Before cloud computing, businesses had to manage their data through an internal network stored on computers at a business location. With the increased need for shareable data … Read more

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