Learn How to Select Best Cell Phone Plans

The cell phone network industry is occupied by the big four national carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.


They occupy most of the customers that provide cellular connectivity to mobile phone and tablet subscribers. But there are mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs that share a minor part of customer share.

If you are using a cell phone, the company you pay phone usage bills for is either a network carrier or MVNO. MVNOs take the credit for giving fear of being a competitor that provides cheap cell phone brands. And hence, the big fours had provided their affordable cell phone plans when no choice was left.

All the major carriers provide their customers with low-cost cell phone plans. Fortunately, the big fours are in this category. Let us learn how to pick the best-suited cell phone plan for a month. Then, if you are a businessman or a monthly salary holder, you can enjoy the luxury of low-cost cell phone plans.

First, you need to understand that some cell phones are locked with a specific network while others are compatible. Therefore, we recommend you purchase a cell phone not locked with a particular network but compatible with multiple carriers. Only then will you be free to choose the plan you want.


Up to $10 or less

You can get cell phone plans for $10 or less, but you should know that such cheap plans are very short in number. For example, some companies show the tagline of $10, but the cost becomes double after including the tax price and service charges.