Learn the Top Ten College Degrees for Veterans

Getting the proper education is one of the keys to landing the ideal job. Higher salaries necessitate more education, regardless of the employment path you choose.


Take a look at our breakdown of Best Colleges Online’s ranking of the top ten degrees for veterans if you’re in the middle of planning your transition or if you’re already out and wondering what measures to take next.

1) Criminal Justice – Almost every post in the military will easily convert to civilian law enforcement, and a criminal justice degree can be a helpful additional weapon. Although many local law enforcement agencies do not require a degree, having one will make you a better-qualified candidate and boost your chances of progression.

2) Engineering – If you have any technical aptitude or math talent, engineering could be the right career for you. Engineers require years of education to acquire their degree, but employment is quite valued. Engineering careers are not only rewarding, but they are also in high demand right now and in the future.

3) Nursing – Nursing is a job that is well-suited to veterans. All military members undergo basic medical training, which can serve as a foundation for pursuing a nursing degree. Nurses not only make a good living, but their positions are in high demand and will be for the foreseeable future. Nurses also prefer to specialize within their specialty, so if you’re truly contemplating the profession, consider which path you’d like to take.


4) Network Administration – Network administrators are always in high demand because the world is governed in part by digital networks. Additionally, given the ongoing introduction of new digital technology into the military, many service members have expertise in administering or troubleshooting networks. This experience will assist you in obtaining a network administration degree, which will lead to a lucrative and in-demand profession.

5) Physiatric Therapy – Combat boots, pounds of gear, and rigorous training subject a service member’s body to constant stress and strain. Everyone in the military has firsthand experience with the negative effects of intense activity and chronic injuries. Professional assistance is always essential to help patients return to their regular, daily lives, whether it’s a sprain or an amputation. These experiences would be beneficial to pursuing a degree in physical therapy, leading to steady and well-paying employment.

6) Computer Science – Many military positions need substantial computer use, and this experience can help lead to a degree in computer science. Programmers, coders, and developers all earn relatively high salaries and have some of the most secure employment in the job market. Although the degree is significant, combining academic instruction with practical experience is also necessary.

7) Information Security – As digital attacks become more complex, the demand for information security personnel increases. This frequently necessitates intimate knowledge of hacks and weaknesses, and many in this sector are referred to as white-hat hackers or penetration testers. Degrees in information security can be tough to obtain, yet these individuals are in high demand in the market.

8) Teaching – All military vocations involve teaching as well as learning. Even if you never become a sergeant or an officer, bringing recruits up to speed allows you to gain firsthand teaching experience. In addition, the tolerance and work ethic taught in all servicemembers lend themselves to teaching professions; you’ll need both when trying to calm a raucous classroom while still educating.

9) EMT/Paramedic – Military service prepares you for coping with emergencies; you know what it’s like to let training kick in when your brain wants to panic or freeze. Because emergency medical technicians and paramedics are constantly under pressure to respond to emergency circumstances in a professional and timely manner, nearly all veterans will have an advantage when applying for this career.

10) Fire Engineering/Fire Science – Just as a criminal justice degree can help you get a job in law enforcement, fire engineering, and fire science degrees can help you get a job as a firefighter. Veterans are already physically and psychologically capable of performing these professions, and gaining further knowledge in the classroom can only help you qualify for these positions further.