Learn How to Watch or Stream Football and Redzone this Season

The most affordable method to watch NFL games online RedZone

RedZone is a popular technique of keeping up with all of the action in the NFL, and it allows you to see every huge play from every team in the league. The quickest and most cost-effective route to RedZone is to subscribe to Sling TV Blue for $35 per month and add the $11 per month Sports Extra extra. In addition, this option is available for streaming on various devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Sling is presently providing a discount on the first month of Sling Blue, bringing the cost of the main package down to $10 for the first month. Thus, sling Blue, which costs $35 a month, may be of interest to those wishing to save money on their phone bill. However, although it does not carry ESPN, which means you will be unable to watch Monday Night Football, it will carry Fox and NBC in limited cities. The problem is that those markets are primarily concentrated in large metropolitan regions, so if you reside outside of one of those locations, Sling Blue may not be a good fit for you.

Fox, of course, broadcasts the majority of NFC and Thursday night games (with the remaining matches available on NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video), while NBC broadcasts Sunday Night Football (with the remainder available on NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video). CBS, which broadcasts the vast majority of AFC games, is not available via Sling at all. An antenna, on the other hand, may fill in the gaps in the local channel. Using the Yahoo Sports app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, you will be able to watch local and prime-time sports for free as well. You will not be able to project this broadcast onto a large screen, though.

Paramount Plus is a good option for AFC supporters on a tight budget. 

Some applications, like Paramount Plus’ Premium tier, which costs $10 per month, let you watch CBS’ Sunday AFC games in real-time on your smartphone. However, depending on where you reside, you may not broadcast your local CBS station. CBS provides live streaming services in several areas; you may check whether your location has live CBS streaming by visiting this page. Another way for accessing CBS is to use an antenna, which you can do by downloading the Yahoo Sports app. Furthermore, as previously indicated, an over-the-air antenna linked to your television gives another free alternative that does not need streaming, as long as you have excellent reception.