Learn How to Start Working out at Home

As the pandemic has progressed, it has become increasingly important to find a means to exercise your body every day, especially if you’ve realized that your sedentary days are wreaking havoc on your neck or lower back.


Cassey Ho, the animating soul behind the immensely famous Blogilates exercise program, as well as Ben Musholt, physical therapist, parkour coach, and author of The Mad Skills Encyclopedia, provided advice.

Prepare Your Area

Most sports producers would not tell you this, but you don’t need anything to start working out, not even a pair of fashionable leggings or shoes. Simply perform a couple of push-ups in your jammies every time you pee, and you’re done! You’re almost there.

Nonetheless, a basic kit may assist you in developing a regimen. Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor, suggests beginning with a yoga mat. “Obviously, many of us don’t have space for our own home gym,” she admits, “but a mat can help you designate a workout place within the chaos of your living room floor.”

  • Yoga Mat ($21) from Helpful Home Gear
  • ($20) Stepstool
  • ($40) Kettlebell
  • Equalizer by Lebert ($148)
  • Dumbbells, Small ($21)
  • Ankle Weights ($15) or a Weighted Vest ($41)

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A yoga mat will protect your joints while also keeping your feet and hands secure. Parkour fan Ben Musholt adds that it will muffle the sound of your footsteps for your downstairs neighbors if you live in an apartment.

Ho uses her own Popflex mats; I have a simple Gaiam mat, but I highly recommend the more expensive, dense, recycled Suga mat.

Many free online fitness courses will also include weighted workouts, such as little dumb bells or a kettle bell. Musholt favors a piece of equipment known as a Lebert equalizer, which can be used as an overhead weight, a step stool, dip bars, and so on. My colleague Matt Jancer also uses a weighted vest to increase muscle.

These are good to have, but for most individuals, body weight workouts would sufficient. You probably have a lot of different weights in your house as well. I’ve danced around my living room swinging cans of beans, water jugs, and a backpack full of books. A 3-year-old clinging to your ankle who needs to be scooped up and cuddled repeatedly also works.