Learn How to Install Gutter Guards for a Hassle-Free Home Maintenance

STEP 4: Check the gutters to ensure they are in good working order.

It’s a good idea to test the gutters with water and a hose to make sure they’re clean and ready for guard installation. A homeowner can perform this step by turning on the water and inserting a hose into the gutters to examine how freely water flows through them. Leaves or debris may still be in the gutters if the water is slow to depart the downspout. If water flows easily and out of the downspout, it’s time to install gutter guards.


STEP 5: Gather your tools and follow the manufacturer’s directions to install the gutter guards.

The more carefully a homeowner follows the manufacturer’s instructions, the easier installation should be. It’s a good idea to acquire all of the necessary supplies and tools beforehand.

For quick access, homeowners can place their screwdriver and hammer in a bucket and hang it on an S-hook on the ladder. To cut and install gutter guards, homeowners should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A circular saw or handsaw will be needed to cut the guards. Each protective piece must be securely fastened during installation. If there is a storm and the gutter guard is not secure, it will not accomplish its duty. This could cause water damage.

STEP 6: Hire an expert to install gutter guards.

Installing gutter guards may appear to be a simple task, but it may be unexpectedly difficult if a homeowner lacks the necessary DIY skills. Homeowners who are intimidated by gutter guard installation instructions or are doubtful of their abilities to work on a ladder may prefer to have the gutter guards installed by a professional.

Professional installers will be knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks of gutter guards, as well as how to handle a roof with gutter guards. Furthermore, they are likely licensed and insured, so any mishaps will not be at your expense.


Professional installers will also ensure that the gutter guards are properly put in so that the system is not damaged and no water collects over time. A homeowner should have a little issue installing gutter guards if they choose the correct gutter guards for their home and read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Working on a ladder isn’t for everyone, and expert installers can save homeowners the time and trouble of doing it themselves.