Learn How to Boost Your Chance of Success with Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult, but smoking cessation aids can increase your chances of success.


Do you want to quit smoking? Several quit-smoking solutions certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will help you quit smoking for good.

Using quit-smoking aids can significantly improve your chances of success. Without a quit-smoking product, only approximately 5% of persons who try to quit smoking succeed. However, many more people succeed when they use one.

When you combine counseling with one or more quit-smoking solutions, your chances of success increase even more.

There are two types of quit-smoking products:

Nicotine replacement therapy. Patches, gum, lozenges, spray, and inhalers are all options. Although some are available without a prescription, it is best to consult with your doctor before attempting to use them.


Medications. Prescriptions are available for two drugs that do not include nicotine.

Any of these products can help minimize nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, increasing your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have gained popularity as an alternate method of quitting smoking. However, e-cigarettes are not an FDA-approved smoking cessation product. In addition, they are not as safe as nicotine replacement therapy. They are also not more successful in assisting people in stopping. Many people who try to quit smoking with e-cigarettes wind up using both products rather than quitting.


The nicotine patch is a thin, self-adhesive patch that slowly and steadily distributes nicotine into your body via your skin. Every day, you put on a new nicotine patch on a hairless area of skin between your waist and neck, such as your upper arm or chest.

The nicotine patch has several advantages.

  • Is accessible without a prescription in a variety of doses.
  • It is simple to utilize
  • Can suppress nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms for up to 24 hours.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other smoking cessation aids.


Nicotine patches:

If you have sudden cravings or withdrawal symptoms, you won’t be able to modify the amount of nicotine you receive immediately.

It may cause skin itching, rash, or irritation wherever it is applied. It may also produce insomnia or vivid dreams.

Every 24 hours, it must be replaced.

  • Nicotine chewing gum
  • Nicotine chew in a blister pack
  • Display a pop-up dialog box
  • Nicotine chewing gum


Nicotine gum contains a trace of nicotine. When you use the gum as directed, nicotine enters your body via absorption via the lining of your mouth.

When you initially begin taking nicotine gum, you can consume one piece every one to two hours, up to 24 pieces per day.

To make nicotine gum operate properly, you must use a precise biting technique:

Bite a piece of gum until it has a peppery taste or you detect a tingly sensation in your mouth to release the nicotine.

Hold the gum between your gumline and cheek until the flavor or tingly feeling disappears to allow the nicotine to absorb.

Bite and hold again to release more nicotine.

Repeat the cycle for approximately 30 minutes. The gum should then be discarded because all of the nicotine has been used.

Advantages of nicotine gum: