Learn 7 Ways To Prepare For Your LASIK Procedure

Have you recently discovered that you are an excellent candidate for LASIK eye surgery? Congratulations! Check out these 7 techniques to prepare for your LASIK operation before you start visualizing life with clear vision following your LASIK vision correction procedure.


Drink plenty of water before your treatment.

Unless otherwise ordered by your doctor, it is critical to consume more water before any procedure. You are doing yourself a huge favor by boosting your water consumption after LASIK! During the hot Houston summer, increasing your water consumption will help keep you hydrated and enhance healing following your treatment.

Temporary dry eye is a typical adverse effect following LASIK eye surgery. Increasing your water intake is a simple method to help keep your eyes moisturized.

If you’ve already planned your LASIK surgery, it’s time to hydrate. 

Make an effort to drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day. It may seem like a lot, but you should drink the exact minimum quantity to stay hydrated.

Suppose you want to drink more water but are worried about keeping track. In that case, some applications can help you monitor your water consumption, remind you when it’s time to refill your glass, or calculate your body’s ideal water intake.


If you have any questions concerning water intake before your LASIK treatment, please see your eye doctor at the Diagnostic Eye Center for best practices. We are pleased to provide you with advice!

When your eye doctor tells you to, stop wearing your contact lenses.

The eye physicians at Diagnostic Eye Center will advise you to stop wearing contact lenses for at least one week for soft contacts and one month for hard contacts before your LASIK treatment. This is because wearing contacts might change the curvature of your cornea and affect the outcome of your LASIK operation.

It’s critical to rest your eyes and wear glasses for a few days before the big day!

When you should quit using contacts is a crucial discussion to have with your eye doctor. Our staff will advise you on how long you should wait before discontinuing contact lens use based on an examination of your eyes.

Prepare a comfortable outfit ahead of time.

It is important to wear appropriate clothing for your LASIK surgery. Because you will be awake during LASIK, you must wear comfortable clothing. Wear loose clothing that you can quickly remove when you get home.

This might be leggings, athletic shorts, a zipper hoodie, or a soft t-shirt. When you go home from your LASIK procedure, the first thing you’ll want to do is sleep. It’s much easier to rest at home if you’re dressed in clothes that you can readily change out of.

Also, try to avoid wearing any lint-producing clothing. This includes not wearing faux fur or items that may be shed. This is important because it keeps pollutants out of the operating suite. Although LASIK is safe and hygienic surgery, making the extra effort to eliminate lint is also important.