Learn How to Chose the Best Online Accounting Degrees for You

Accounting is one of those majors that can lead to employment in almost any field. Everyone, from government organizations to private enterprises, requires the services of an accountant to manage their finances.


However, working as an accountant is only one of several options available to you after studying the subject. You could work as a financial analyst, investment banker, financial counselor, auditor, controller, or credit analyst, to mention a few options.

With so many different paths to go, it’s no surprise that those with an accounting degree have good work chances. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accounting-related occupations are expected to expand by 4% until 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Aside from that, accountants make a good living. They earn approximately 38% more than the average worker in the United States, with a median base pay of $71,550.

Obtaining an Accounting Bachelor’s Degree Online
Accounting is a highly technical discipline that demands mastery of specific abilities due to its emphasis on solving difficult mathematical issues. This is why individuals were suspicious of learning accounting fundamentals online for many years.

“Online used to have a very negative connotation,” says Stephanie Bryant, executive vice president, and chief accrediting officer at the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the country’s oldest and largest business school accreditor.


Bryant claims that there was a lot of resistance to online programs a few years ago, including from the faculty itself, primarily owing to worries about quality. “Eventually, the rest of the world caught up and realized that online learning can be very good and done very well,” she adds.

Online accounting degrees are now recognized as valuable as traditional accounting degrees, as long as they come from an accredited institution. “If you’re AACSB-accredited, your online program must meet all of the same standards as your face-to-face school,” Bryant adds. “The quality needs to remain the same,” she adds.

One of the most significant benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting online is the freedom to fit classes and coursework around your schedule. While some online programs allow students to attend live sessions, the majority offer pre-recorded lessons that may be accessed at any time.

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