Learn 5 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

With airline ticket prices at a historic low, it is no surprise that flights have been in high demand.


​However, as of late September 2020, regular prices have begun returning and will soon be back up near their pre-pandemic levels. 

Airlines have had to change their approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The flight deals that were once so common are now few and far between as demand for air travel has risen with vaccinations onboard passengers becoming more comfortable. However, there is still room for pricing variations which travelers will need to take advantage of by being flexible about time or destination choice this year while restrictions last. International destinations may become limited over the coming months if you’re not quick enough!

Are you looking for a way to get where you want to go but can’t find an affordable airline ticket? Then, we will be talking about 5 insider secrets that will help you book cheap flights quickly and in no time. So, let’s jump right in:

Why Do Flight Prices Fluctuate?


One reason airfare fluctuates is that airlines want to encourage people to fly during “off times.” For example, if you wanted to take a flight that departs at 9 AM on a Tuesday, you can expect that the ticket price will be much higher than it would be on a Friday night. Although time does play a factor, there are other reasons your ticket prices might change.

If you book your trip six to four months in advance, the price of your plane tickets will probably be higher than if you wait until the week before or even the day of. This is because the airlines know that people are more willing to pay for flights well ahead of their actual dates, so they advantage.

Also, the demand for flights can vary depending on where you’re traveling. For example, if you live in a large city where thousands of people are constantly on the go, airlines will have to raise their prices because passengers are willing to pay more money to get there faster. Conversely, if you’re traveling to a less popular area, airlines can afford to drop prices because fewer customers will be willing to pay such high rates.

By learning what causes the price changes in the first place, you’ll know how to save money on flights and avoid paying an arm and a leg for your plane tickets.

5 Simple Strategies To Get Cheap Flights This Year

Timing Is Everything

Gone are the days when you could find a great deal on your flight tickets by booking 50 days out from departure. “Airfare is unpredictable,” says Keyes. So instead of timing it with an exact date and time like before, we’re better off thinking more strategically: “Goldilocks windows” – not too early (risking paying higher fares) or late (giving up potential savings).

The best time to buy a flight ticket is two months in advance. However, sometimes airlines will have special promotional rates available for even sooner than that, so it’s worth checking their websites and social media channels just in case.

You’ll never guess when your ticket price is at its lowest. So booking your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday are the best days to snatch up a cheap plane ticket.

Set Alerts and Do Your Research:

You can use a price-tracking application like Google Flights or Kayak to set alerts for your travel dates and destinations. This way, you’ll be sent an email if the airline increases or decreases its prices in any way, which allows you to buy when the opportunity arises.